Dear customer,

As of the 25th of May 2018 The General Data Protection Regulation is in force, in order to protect your personal data in a more efficient way. Aguas Limpias Sp. Z o.o. wishes to inform you, that it supports all activities which ensure security of your personal data and increases your awareness on the subject. With this in mind we are sending you an information related to processing of your personal data which also outlines the rights you are entitled to in this regard.

1. Aguas Limpias Sp. Z o.o. based in Poland, at Osiedlowa 17th street, 84-214 Bozepole Wielkie is an administrator of your personal data. Email address:

2. Data Protection Officer at Aguas Limpias Sp. Z o.o. can be contacted at the following email:

3. Aguas Limpias Sp. Z o.o. processes your personal data in accordance with article 6 (a) of the GDPR in order to fulfil your requirements before concluding an agreement.

4. Your personal data will be stored for the duration of ongoing negotiations leading up to an agreement, during the implementation of an agreement and when Aguas Limpias Sp. Z o.o. is obliged to store sales documents. Any sales documents are and will be stored in accordance with compliance regulations and tax obligations in adherence to Polish law.

5. Aguas Limpias Sp. Z o.o. processes and will process the following personal data:

a) Forename and surname, business name, business address and correspondence business address;

b) Tax identificator number;

c) Passport or any other identification number;

d) Email address, telephone and /or fax number;

e) Position held in your organization;

f) Bank account;

6. Providing personal data as indicated above is voluntary but necessary in order to sign and implement an agreement between parties. Should you refuse to provide your personal data it may result in an inability to perform contract duties and its implementation.

7. The company Aguas Limpias Sp. Z o.o. will only disclose your personal data to employees who were trained in terms of proper processing of personal data protection and undertake to process them in a manner that guarantees the highest level of security, this also pertains to outside partners which have been commissioned by the company to process personal data. External processing partners do not have the decision power over how to process personal data. Data processing by the outside partner only takes place when necessary to the company's operations.

8. The company Aguas Limpias Sp. Z o.o. does not transmit and will not transfer your data to recipients in third countries or to international organizations.

9. Each person has the right to access their personal data which is processed by the Company. If you believe that any information regarding your person is incorrect or incomplete, please submit a request for rectification to the individual described under point 10. In addition, you have the right to:

a) request to remove of your personal data in cases specified in the GDPR regulations;

b) request to limit the processing of your personal data in cases specified in the GDPR regulations;

c) express objection to processing of your personal data (due to reasons related to your specific situation) if such processing is carried out in order to fulfill public interest or legitimate interests of the company or a third party;

d) transfer of data, i.e. reception of personal data provided to the company in a structured, commonly used and in a machine readable format as well as request of such personal data to another personal data administrator, without any difficulties from the company, subject to its own confidentiality obligations.

The company will verify your requests and/or objections in accordance with the applicable regulations to the protection of personal data. However, it should be noted that these rights are not absolute and the regulations provide for exceptions to their application.

10. In order to be able to use the rights indicated in point 9, please forward a message to the following e-mail address: or contact the Company via post to: ul. Osiedlowa 17, 84-214 Bozepole Wielkie (Polska) with the annotation: "Personal Data Protection".

If you are not satisfied with the way in which the company processes your personal data, please notify us immediately and we will investigate any irregularities. Please report your concerns using the contact details provided under point 10.

11. If you have any reservations about the response and corrective measures presented by Aguas Limpias Sp. Z o.o. you have the right to raise a complaint with the Chief Executive Officer of UODO (the Officer of Personal Data Protection in Poland) -

Best regards

Aguas Limpias Sp. Z o.o.